Tiny House Too…

We watched Tiny House Nation last night at Pour House on Skillman and it was absolutely fantastic.


Witnessing my son and his wife take the next big step in their lives was truly engaging.

The lovely couple were understandably nervous, who knows how those hundreds of hours were going to be edited?  But it was funny and very, very cute and hopefully will draw them much needed attention for their non-profit business Window to the Wild.

Hubs and I were fortunate enough to be there at the filming, but not in front of the camera, we lurked behind sofas and upstairs, we ducked around shelves and behind trees.

Later, we were invited for breakfast and had a tour of the completed estate!

We took our mugs of tea out to the pile of earth that is soon to become a vegetable garden, Mandala style, to help sustain them and their birds in the coming months.


With a 36′ diameter I think he may be able to sustain the whole neighborhood!

The building of their Tiny House had taken just over a week but when the cameras stopped rolling the hard work of moving in began.

Simon and Lindsey had to tie up all the loose ends and by January 1st they had electricity connected, a tankless water heater installed, a propane tank delivered, a washer/dryer hoisted upstairs and their reclaimed wooden floors treated.

Finally they were ready to inhabit their dream house and they could begin the process of being home-owners in earnest.

I’ve told about the trailer wrapping ordeal,

now it’s time to have a look at some of the little bits and pieces they’ve added to the inside.

A bookcase that cannily adds privacy to the sleeping loft,


and the bed,


which has to be rolled onto when the top of the stairs is reached.  Those are skylights in the ceiling that can be set to open automatically when the sun comes up and are a Godsend when one of them sits up with a start when the alarm goes off!

Simon can do a quick somersault onto the bed and into the office,


come laundry room, come closet, in the gooseneck.


He is young and athletic, I crawled gracefully into the space to take a gander!



cleverly hung from garden rake tines add to the green-ness of this house and more stand guard over the pantry, concealed under the stairs.


I found my seat on the top step,


and was told I was only the second person to choose this perch, there will be many more I’m certain!

Simon cooked us bacon, eggs (thanks ladies), and toast.


Outside the kitchen window is his compost bucket so he doesn’t have to walk anywhere to recycle parings and coffee grounds.

Observe the brick wall, all faux, the uncluttered shelves and little pail receptacles,


pots hanging colorfully above the gas cooker,


and the view down from upstairs,


all proving that the house may be small but it has a grand heart.

Simon and Lindsey designed their home to walk their talk, watch their footprints and remind everyone who steps inside that they are all about the environment and that’s why a Tiny House fits!






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