The Special Wisdom about Happiness…

Daughts did something that made me immediately think,

“I would never do that!”

But then I know her answer to my more than common outburst,

“You’re not me Mum!”

And she is very right.

We texted a bit about it because she didn’t want me to be upset or angry…

We began to go round and round stomping on old ground until she said,

“Enough!  Let’s not argue anymore.  OK?”

Silence from me!


“K” I pout-texted.

I am trying really hard to live by what I teach.

That other people’s lives are not my life.

The choices they make may not be the same as mine.

I can change no-one but myself.

In a nutshell, just get on with the loving and stop the judging!

I have just finished reading the second book by David Michie featuring Rinpoche, the Dalai Lama’s Cat and  The Art of Purring,

Artof Purring

In fact it has been a read aloud for us as a morning devotion after hubs has read the bible out loud to me.  Invariably the teachings go hand in hand.

Christian and Buddhist.

How does that work?  Need I ask?

“God loves the person who gives happily.”  (2 Corinthians: 7-8), hubs read this morning.

We should give according to our abilities, voluntarily and generously.  By giving we will be rewarded,

“He will make you rich in every way so that you can always give freely.” (2 Corinthians 11)

Of your love, yourself and your riches.

I in turn read,

“There is a special wisdom about happiness, some texts call it The Holy Secret… it is simple to explain but not easy to live.”

What was I saying about walking the talk?

“… if you wish for happiness, seek the happiness of others, this is the most effective way to be happy.” (Michie, The Art of Purring, P.197)

Quite an idea in both teachings, think of others more than you think of yourself, then all will be well. 

Give happily and give freely and be rewarded.

So, with Daughts, I should seek her happiness.  If she is happy then I hurt us both when I burst her bubble with my criticism and judgmental anger.  I should recognize her happiness and accept it and move on.

Just by doing that my roiling stomach settled down and I could feel the faint stirrings of a purr in my heart.

You know, the feeling of joy that the Me-Me culture has stolen.

Thanks Daughts for bringing me up sharp before things went frizazzle.



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