Below freezing days mean coats for the horses.

Even the ones who spend all their time outside and are hardy.

Especially the ones who are older and more susceptible to chilly weather.

Ben is an older horse who has a hard time regulating his body temperature, consequently during the most recent ice storm his owner put him in a very dashing, checkered, heavy coat to which she added a hood, also checkered, but neither matching nor attached to the coat.

Poor Ben was quite mortified by the hood and walked ‘away’ from it as a dog from his stiff collar, in circles with his head cocked to the side. A fruitless attempt to rid himself of the ever present peripheral presence.

It was both funny and sad to watch.

I waited until I was on my home before snapping a shot,

“Please don’t…” his eyes pled.

Doesn’t he look as though he’s all ready for war?


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