Warm & Fuzzy Feelings…

For most people the smell of baking bread, or a cake or a joint in the oven or tomatoes slowly roasting, are the best!

I agree with my friend Renee Tougas that some smells have me wanting to leap and dance…with the joy of late summer.

However, our weather has turned suddenly cold.  Two days ago I was in a long sleeved shirt out walking, the next day I had put on a jumper and today I had to add my winter jacket, scarf and gloves!

With the cold weather came a break down of our central heating system so the flat, although not freezing cold, was not lovely and comfortable the way I like it!  I kept joking to hubs about putting our electric blanket back on the bed…to which he roundly exclaimed,


The boiler is working again and the radiators are putting out their silent heat, candles are lit releasing their scents of gardenias and lily of the valley.  A joss stick is burning in the lounge and from where I work I can almost hear the crackling of logs as the faintly smoky smell drifts down the hallway.

All was quiet and already dark at 755pm.  With a glass of wine, a husband to share memories with and fragrant smells to enfold me with love, I sat and enjoyed that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with the tranquility of security.

These are the smells that bring me home, that envelope me in dreaminess, that soothe and cocoon me.



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