A Slumber of Cats…

There is nothing as relaxing as watching a cat sleep, snuggled up to his favorite sibling…


Shads and Madge

comfortable on our soft, warm, electric blanketed bed.

I watch and wish I still had the ability to completely surrender to slumbering at any time.  But then I’d have to be a cat because there is always something to be done as a home-owner, wife and mother.

My two drowsy cats don’t seem to have a care in the world now that they’re inside and aren’t responsible for catching their own food.

Me?  I have a lot of worrying to do that would keep me on edge all day if it weren’t for the slumber of cats that live at Footlights,

When I’m feeling especially worried about something and am finding it next to impossible to hand it over to God,

I find a napping cat and gaze,


I put my hand on her silky coat and she flickers her eyes open in acknowledgement of my presence then closes them and hands her little body over to total bliss again.

Her purring grows stronger and rumbles through my hand and I feel my muscles relax.

I stay like this for a moment or two then move on feeling becalmed.

The two boys like to sleep as close to each other as they can get.  Sometimes I may lie my head down next to their dozing forms and their loud purring.

They both adjust, melting like body pillows against me.

I’ve read that purring is a mechanism cats (large and small) use to calm themselves and am happy to be included in the soothing nature of the rhythmic thrumming that vibrates on both sides of me.

I let myself relax completely, my breath deepens and my stomach gives up its complaining.


My slumbering cats,

the moving meditation I practice most mornings on my Yoga mat,

and the embrace of the splendor of nature wrought by the word of God,


join forces to turn the fluttering of butterflies and the knots and kinks of my wound up self into hosannas.


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Nice story!

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