Back Yard Birds…

My son and his wife are founders of a bird company that trains and shows native birds of prey that for one reason or another cannot survive on their own in the wild.

Window to the Wild is an educational venture that teaches everyone they come in contact with, how to identify and appreciate the birds that share their back yards.

During the ice and snow Simon and Lindsey put out bird seed for the smaller, less rare birds that visit their facility in Caddo Mills, Texas.

“How did you get such good close-ups?” I asked my son, hoping for some valuable training tips on how to get up close and personal with the birds frequenting my feeders, that fly away the minute I step outside my screened porch.

“I just set my phone down in video mode and leave it for a few minutes,” he told me!

Of course he does!!

Listen to those Chirping Sparrows!

There’s even a squirrel in there.

I think it made some pretty good footage.

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