Black Friday…Stay Home…

Just thought this pretty tactless flyer that plopped into my mailbox today warranted a comment.

Touting Black Friday,

…which is going to be different this year with the CDC recommending us to refrain from large gatherings…

it was a simple mailer bursting with discounts…


Before the Friday after Thanksgiving became the traditional day when red inked bottom lines in business ledgers were brought into the black with record sales, it was anticipated with anxiety by police forces in large cities as they struggled with traffic congestion and hundreds of shoppers pushing and shoving their way into bargain laden stores.

It wasn’t just a bad day for anyone who had to work, it was a day to be reckoned with…

a day to be dreaded…

A Black Friday.

As I opened the pamphlet a little smile began to tug at my lips,


This rather appeals to my sense of humour.  With all the political correctness that has been badgering us this year,

the sensitivity to certain branding labels on our grocery shelves,

the discomfort, for some, with portions of American history,

I thought this just about took the biscuit.


That’s it…

end of promotional advertising for the last Friday in November at Saks OFF 5th.


and stay home!

Happy Turkey Day!

And remember to give thanks for the technology that has helped us with social distancing,

the masks that have kept us muffled,

And the curiously presented junk mail that makes us chuckle just a little,

during this Pandemic Season!

God Bless and Be Safe!

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