This House is not My Home…

You all know I am living at my mother-in-law’s house which is lovely, roomy, comfortable, deep in the heart of Texas.

It is not mine however!

I prefer to turn the heat off during the day even if the house drops a tad below 70 I still enjoy the quiet of no heater going on.

I’ve been told it should be left on around 72.

I comply, or at least remember to flick the switch just before she is scheduled home in the evening…whoops!

At night during the cold snap, in fact we had two cold snaps, the heater was set to 72 and it ran all night.

Years of conditioning had me associating the noise of the compressor with the electric bill at the end of the month.

It isn’t my house!

One morning as I was writing in my office, on one of the continually running nights, I noticed I still had my sweater on and the house didn’t seem to be getting any warmer.

I cast my eye over the thermostat and saw it was at 70, I looked at the setting, 74, there was no way it was going to reach 74 in my lifetime the rate it was going.

Whether it’s my house or not there was something wrong, so I walked outside, in the rain, and snuck a look at the compressor and it was frozen.


No wonder!

Hubs called the company who had installed it and they told him to manually set the thermostat to emergency and within minutes the temperature had risen to 74 and silence reigned.

We had that thang fixed and all is now well, although I do occasionally sneak from my bed to adjust the setting, which I have now been told can be set at 72 or

“wherever you want it!”

After a while my head starts to ache from the noise and my wallet can’t help but pound against my chest in dread of the bill scheduled to arrive soon…

And I am beginning to worry about my East Texas accent y’all!


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