Bragging Rights…


There are times when I can empathize with God.

Before you think I’m blaspheming all I mean here is,

He is my Father in heaven and every father wants the very best for His children.

I am a mother on earth and every mother wants the very best for her children.

Watching mine make life oh so very difficult draws me closer to my creator.

He made the world beautiful for me to live in.

He gave me instructions on how to do so with the minimum of pain.

And He gave me His Word as a road map if I care to check.

A lot of the time I reckon I can go it alone without Him and

A lot of time my children reckon they can go it alone without me …and so they should with their prized independence.

And when they go it alone sometimes it works…

And my heart leaps as I watch Daughts take her gift from heaven and use it to the glory of her Lord obliterating those moments when it doesn’t…

I am left breathless with amazement and love.

Go Girl! And Thank-You!


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Julia Bryant

2014-03-24 19:27:45 Reply

Thoughtful words from a loving mother! Malia is a wonderful girl!


    2014-03-25 01:05:48 Reply

    Thank-you, yes she is!

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