Callie’s Chair…

Callie has her own chair.

Hubs and I have made a pad for it with a down jacket and faux sheepskin to keep her warm during winter nights when she can’t get all cosied up on our bed because of the boys!


When we have company we remove her feather bedding and invite our guests to “take a seat.”

Callie usually tolerates this, because she’s a cat and respects us…

but sometimes she’ll rebel and weave her way under the chair and through the guests’ legs in an effort to subtly make her point that,

“Someone’s sitting in my chair!”

One evening Shads made the mistake of deciding her seat was a very lovely place to settle…

Now Callie loves Shads but he is a fellow feline so she felt she must put him in his place.

She hopped up into her chair and began to vigorously wash his face before curling down on top of him as if he wasn’t there….


“I love you but…” was her message which eventually sunk in.

He edged his way from underneath her dead weight and she reclaimed her throne!

That’s my girl…

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