Tulips & the Beauty Within…

I belong to the Celina Garden Club which is held monthly on the 4th Monday morning.

I invariably can’t make the meeting because teaching subs are usually in great demand on a Monday morning.  But I do manage to attend most of the summer and early winter gatherings.

Last year I was at the meeting where my birthday was remembered and I received a card and a gift of half a dozen tulip bulbs.

I have never been a fan of tulips, they have a habit of opening up too much, loosing their classic tulip shape and dropping their petals.

Nevertheless I planted them in my forlorn winter bed and a squirrel promptly dug one up and ran away with it.

I re-dug the holes a little deeper and waited for the first signs of spring.

During March they began to push up through the soil and by the end of the month I had three partially open buds that only hinted at the beauty awaiting within.


They transformed into a stunning, star shaped, riot of color,

that brightened my barren little bed,

and my day at school when Hubs sent me the first of several pictures.


I became motivated to start my spring sowing.


Next year I am hopeful that they will multiply…

Or perhaps I will plant more of the same that have treasure tucked away inside their buds.


Nature’s way of reminding me that I have to wait for people around me to bloom before I hastily judge them.

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