Free Range Eggs…

We are looking for native shrubs and trees to go along our fence line and stumbled upon a tree farm not too far from us.

It was well kept and there was a cat and lots of chickens running around under our feet while we priced trees.

Of course, being budget minded we are keeping our eyes open for ways to get free trees and there is land along our lane that has quite a number of baby cedars that grow to quite decent heights…

I wonder if anyone would apprehend us if we took our shovels and started digging?

As we were leaving the tree farm I tripped over an adorable silky hen and asked the owner,

“Do you sell your eggs?”

“Oh yes we do!  I’ll give you a dozen,” said Laurie, “we sell them and we give them away!”

So home I came with a dozen brown, white, green and blue eggs,


They had deep yellow yolks and spluttered and popped in my frying pan on Sunday and tasted delicious.

I almost kept the blue eggshells, I mean, how many of you can boast naturally colored eggshells gracing your rubbish bin?

I’m still looking for the native foliage…

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