Happy Birthday Daughts…

Many Happy Returns of the Day Daughts!

Twenty-seven already and it seems like only yesterday that Dr. Staub was uncharacteristically late for your star debut.

By the time I was twenty-seven I was (as you are) a fully independent, responsible, voting, gainfully employed, citizen living in the Channel Islands…never dreaming in a million years that I’d switch shores and allegiance to America and have four Texans…y’all!

My life has always rested on the brink of something new and despite the flight of years and all the changes that have happened since we welcomed you into the world, when I look into your beautiful grey eyes (a legacy from your grandmother, my Mum) I know that all is as it should be.

This time twenty-seven years ago your Papa and I brought you home to our little family.

There was Ian aged 6, Simon aged 4 and Paris aged 3.

Unknowingly we were all on the brink of the biggest something new so far.

They were all waiting to hold you,

carry you around,

kiss you,

dote on you,

drop you…


Ten months old with a broken arm!!

I remarked as we were on our walk a couple of days ago,

“What was I thinking?”

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“You know.  You have three and four year olds in your dance classes…”

“Oh yes!”

But I was young and used to my hectic life as an upper level manager at Ticketmaster entangled with my roles of wife and Mama.

I juggled dinners and breakfasts,

loaded the van for trips to the park and grocery shopping.

I attended PTA meetings, organized at home date nights and schmoozed at business conferences.

I waited in doctor’s offices and wrote business protocol.

Little did I know the year you were born would trigger the biggest something new in my life since I married your father.

It was the year I left my high powered job for the not-so-sought-after position of stay-at-home-Mum.

Which in turn led to homeschooling and the stepping lightly from my corporate box into the unknown world of full-time, barefooted, motherhood.

As I’ve said,

“What was I thinking?”

Happily those shifts led to the best years of our lives and it all began with little Mugs!!

You grinned and burped your way through it oblivious to anything amiss,


as long as you were the centre of attention, everything was A-OK!

Independence was your middle name!

Changing clothes frequently was your modus operandi.

You fell in love with ballet, the idea of the long tulle skirt and dainty pink shoes beguiled you,


You wore make-up as often as you could and when you were older you took the world of performing  arts by storm.

The stage was the perfect place for you to employ all the things you loved to do most, dressing-up, dancing, wearing make-up and being in the spotlight!


Jewellery, high heels, curls and self-cut bangs were added to your ‘look’.

You dabbled in clothes design taking scissors to offending sleeves or high necks, wearing favorite summertime shorts over winter-woolly tights and jeans.

You swooned at the sight of a pearly encrusted wedding dress at the tender age of five and just had to have it…


for your trousseau…

You made Koofie Coffee with your brother and whipped up a mean chicken spaghetti when it was your turn to cook.

Over the years you’ve knitted all your experiences, the dancing, the clothes, the cooking, the confidence, the early barista days,


into who you are today!

A lovely daughter, wife and warrior for Christ,

full of grace,

full of love,

chosen by God,

to join our little family who were waiting patiently all those years ago, aged 6, 4, and 3,

and propel us into the next phase of our lives that led to here!


Happy Birthday Daughts,

I love you always and forever.

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ElRay Mac

2019-01-07 16:09:57 Reply

Beautifully written and like you, I love her and am extremely proud of our youngest!

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