Insulin Shot…

Hubs and I looked after the dogs down at the winery for a couple of days in return for honey.

There are three of them, a young Corgi named Charlotte, Lottie for short.

A 3 month blue heeler puppy named Taylor, training to ‘Stay’,


‘Is 3 seconds long enough?’

Affectionately Known As The Hooligan,

And an old, deaf and blind, diabetic poodle, named Bitty.

We have to be careful around Bitty because he gets underfoot and can easily be trodden on if we’re not careful.

One advantage to his disabilities is that when it it’s time for his insulin he doesn’t see it coming.

There is a method in the administration a trick we learned the evening before when I immediately promoted Hubs to chief animal doctor in residence.

The following day Dr. Hubs prepped a new needle before filling the food bowls.

He gave The Hooligan his chow in his crate and set Lottie and Bitty’s down on the floor before retrieving the insulin needle.

He stealthily crept up on the unsuspecting patient and caught him in a headlock!


Grrr…and in the middle of breakfast too!

He grabbed the scruff of his neck causing Bitty to growl in indignation and it was all over in a flash.

Hubs released his head and Bitty returned to his food none the worse for wear but all the better for the life-saving medicine.

Hurrah for sleight of hand, good friends, honey and a bonus glass of wine!



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