Our neighbor from the horse farm at the corner of Rigsby Lane sent out an email on Christmas Day.

“MISSING!!! KitKat.  Her eyes are different colors; she has orange patches on her shoulder blades.  She disappeared Christmas eve between 5 and 9 pm.”


Portrait of KitKat

My heart always drops when I read one of these lost notices.  Where we live the coyotes sing every night as they follow a trail across the fields adjacent to Footlights.

Bobcats have been seen wandering the cow pastures.

Snakes hide in the undergrowth and dogs are apt to chase anything that moves.
And then there’s the constant threat of traffic up and down the main road.

I imagined KitKat, a canny calico who adopted the horse farm about a year ago when she was abandoned as a kitten,


Grandalia Horse Farm

had fallen prey to one of the predators as she hunted in the long grasses she claims as her territory.

The last time I’d seen her was the week before.  She was being chased by Charlie and had run up a leafless sapling alongside an old barn across from her yard.  I watched as she clambered onto the rusty tin roof.  She turned and hissed furiously at us, hackles up, back arching.

I emailed Patti back with,

“Oh no…So sorry.  I wish I could say she was hanging with our Barnies up here at Footlights.  I hope she’s just holed up somewhere on the lane.”

I went for a walk with Charlie the following day and thoughts of poor KitKat followed me.
On the way home there she was sitting on the wooden fence of her property as if she’d read my mind and wanted to re-assure me that she was still alive and hissing.
I texted Patti,
“I see Kitkat is back!”
“Yes!!!!” she replied, “She was stuck on the roof of the shop next door.  Now she has 7 lives left!”
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