Let’s Talk About Christmas…

I broadcast a show for Christmas over at The Sociable Homeschooler.

I invited a few friends to tell me about their plans and tips for beating the stress, enjoying fellowship and loving The Season.  I gave them a ten minute platform and joined in when needed.  I have learned how to edit my audio and can cut out senior moments (on my part mostly) with a nifty little app  called Garage Band.

Snip, snip, snip.  Awkward moment deleted.

Ha ha!  Not so with real life but that is part of the beauty of it isn’t it?

Our Christmas this year was…different.

Daughts drove all the way here alone (80 miles), came to church with us on Christmas Eve, the sermon was about relationships and yes…life is all about relationships unless you thought otherwise.  Sometimes I think we should all have to study and pass a test about how to connect with one another before being let loose on the world.

My married son and his wife arrived around 7pm bearing gifts and a fortifying case of pink Champagne.

We took them all to see Christmas lights.  There is a large park called Santa’s Land where thousands of lights deck the trees and Christmas music is corny.

A coyote, how Christmassy is that?


and an Indian shooting buffalo…where’s Santa?


…Aah, a stocking, gifts and a… helicopter?


 There’s Santa!


Birds and butterflies certainly make one want to Ho Ho Ho..


and Rudolph the Red Nosed seahorse…


No room at the Inn was one of the final scenes,


And then this?  Definitely not Christmas!


Never mind, it was a colorful and brilliant way to spend an hour together.

At home we ate our traditional Chinese, not from the local buffet but from the freezer department at the grocery store.


Laughter and chatter filled the den and a good time was had by all.

The following morning after coffee our film maker son drove up carrying plants, more champagne and more gifts.  What a guy!

We had already warned them that there were no stockings…crestfallen faces for a moment…and not many gifts…more fleeting crestfallen faces…but I think they were pleasantly surprised as were we.


Then potato skins were stuffed for the twice baked, the pudding was put on to steam, Brussel sprouts were peeled, parsnips and carrots were placed around the beef loin, cream sauce was made and more family arrived.

A corn casserole was put together and popped in the oven and I chatted with my sister-in-law of 20 plus years while we drank Poinsettias leaning against the counters.

Time spent in the kitchen with family is one of my favorite pastimes.

She agreed,

“I love it too, it teaches the younger generation how to be together.”

I looked around, younger generation?

They were in the other rooms chatting, texting and televisioning, quite oblivious to the bonds we Mums were forging around the hot stove and over the perfectly cooked meat.



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