Maisie Visiting Heifer…

There are a lot of fields surrounding us but since our land is bordered with trees we can’t see beyond our boundaries.

I’ve had a cow wander in a couple of days in a row, to eat the lush green grass at the bottom of my fairway where the last of the anaerobic sprinklers shoots water onto the ground…in the depths of a long dry summer this was the only grass around and this little heifer found it…

she must have broken through the barbed wire or crossed the dried up creek to come and see what she could find and she struck green gold!

She wasn’t followed by the rest of the herd, thank goodness, she was keeping the treasure to herself and I enjoyed her company while it lasted.

Either the farmer caught her sneaking too and repaired his fence, or she grew tired of the adventure.

I affectionately called her Maisie.

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