Many Happy Returns of the Day Daughts…

Funny expression this English one,

Many Happy Returns of the Day!

The Day meaning Birth-day of course!

Hubs and I left for London on New Year’s Eve and welcomed in the new decade somewhere over Greenland with a screaming baby across the aisle.

Daughts, the afternoon before (on MY birthday) had texted,

“Now let me confirm…you WILL NOT be here on my birthday?”

“Nope…”  What happened to ‘Happy Birthday Mum’ I wondered?

“I don’t think I’ve ever NOT spent my birthday with you…” she texted back with tears in her words.

“I will not be guilted…” I rejoined with a smiley face.

Then I remembered…

“You left me in London once… to spend Christmas and your birthday at home…”

“Oh yes…” she texted, “LOL.”

So let’s think of it as, twenty-six years opening gifts together,




and TWO not!!

Let’s celebrate the glorious, happy memories haphazardly gathered into bouquets of laughter, sprinkled with tears and held fast with love…

the umpteen cups of coffee we’ve shared,


on both sides of the counter and Pond,

your brilliant smile that lights up a room,


the Jazzercise and ballet classes we’ve attended together,


the walks on Rigsby Lane


and in Kelsey Park,


the silly texts and GIFS between us tugging at heartstrings, changing minds…


your slow and steady unfurling from confident child dressing up for a magical day forever away,


to poised young woman fulfilling the dream.


From responsible wife wondering how they would know when the perfect home came along…

“You’ll know…”

to overjoyed home-owner breathlessly telling me,

“You were right!” (always a welcome statement for a Mum) “we walked in and knew…”

Your unruffled move from Footlights to feather your own nest was the saddest and most proud moment of my life.

The last of my coop was flown and the joyous bubbles could not be contained.


The years from newborn to twenty-eight have sped by in less time than it takes you to change clothes!


Here’s to all the birthdays we spent together

and the two we didn’t,


Hurrah to independence, freedom of expression and empty nest….

Happy Birthday from wherever,

to my beautiful, Godly, mixture-of-the-two-of-us, Daughts.

May you be always blessed knowing you are safe and loved,

Mumsienne. xxx

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