At the Back of The Barn Doors…

When we moved into our new house, Footlights, the ensuite bathroom was open to our bedroom,

Offering absolutely no privacy.

Even after 30+ years of marriage a woman still wraps herself in a certain amount of mystery,

rather like the hint of a cloud across the brilliant blue of a Texas sky.

During the few weeks we occupied our ranch before flitting off to housesit near Fort Myers, we bandied about some suggestions for filling the gap between bed and bath.

Pocket doors?  We’d have to rip out the walls.

Regular doors?  Should they open in or out?

Curtains?  Too changing room-esque.

Screens?  Impractical.

Then we hit upon an idea from the do it yourself sites we were browsing.

A pair of barn doors.

By the time we left for Florida Hubs had made, painted and hung them…


Just like that!

Bloody marvelous don’t you agree?

When we returned to pick up where we left off two months ago, we tackled the problem of what to put on the backside of the doors.

The room they lead into is not just a pantry, a closet or a garage.

It is a place I may spend inordinate amounts of time, privately.

Painting toe nails, applying masks, attending to hair do’s, choosing clothes, primping and preening, showering and shaving, moisturizing and…

Well, you get my drift.

The back of the elegant yet rustic barn doors needed to be homey,

Be me,

Be spectacularly different and

Be utterly surprising.

We tried plain paint, but it looked flat and blah.

We tried criss crossing wood to match the front but the trim didn’t look right.

We scratched our heads.

What did we want our back drop to look like when we entered this beautiful space beyond the bedroom?


Hubs suggested a mural and visions of the seventies flashed before me…

A landscape, mountains, pounding waves, an endless sky, a velvet Elvis.

We visited Home Depot and asked for suggestions from one of the DIY dudes,

“I’d do a mural…” was all he said.

“I knew I shouldn’t have asked another man…” I smiled at Hubs who shrugged his shoulders with a,

That’s-the-best-idea-so-far look and grinned at me.

I looked at murals on-line and found one I liked.

It arrived in a long box with detailed instructions in Danish.

Hubs and I carefully applied it,

And hey presto…


Absolute bloody magic!


My teacher daughter texted,

“That’s so you Mum!”

“It’s homey,” said my bird keeper son.

“Well, it’s certainly different,” my film maker son observed.

“Wow…I want to do that on one of my doors,” said Daughts from across the way.


And it is… all of the above!

Excuse me, just popping to the library for an hour or two!


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