News From Mistral August 8th-11th… Norway 2


Thursday August 8th, Olden, Norway

This morning was an early start. We had rehearsals at 845am. I had breakfast before heading to the theatre. At about 1030am we had a crew drill this involved getting our life vests and going to our muster station. They had a mock fire in deck 5, Main Vertical Zone 5, we had to relocate our life-raft station to another room on the ship. Basically all we did was stand for 45 mins.

The view today is beautiful!  There are houses in the mountains and clouds covering the peaks.


It is absolutely stunning.

We went back to rehearsals for a bit. Everyone is making it very stressful. The male dancers were not there and they needed to teach Norbi a dance. Bori went and got them and she was very angry they had missed it. Consequently they came in angry. They kept back talking and being very rude. One of the guys, Slava, was being rude to Era and she got mad back at him and said something in Hungarian, and he stopped what he was doing and yelled,

“IN ENGLISH PLEASE!”  before proceeding to say something in Russian.

They are so disrespectful! It’s as if they feel entitled to this job. Norbi, Bori, Era and I are very respectful and get the job done, we treat it as a privilege.  It’s just easier to not talk. (Perhaps it’s best I don’t know the language!)  Everyone else is also very stubborn and of course are always right!

We had Environmental Training today, learning how to recycle, and be ‘green’. I almost fell asleep. Then we had Safety Training again, but I liked the guy so that was good!  Listening to strongly accented English is different.

Then we did a run of the show in the theatre! We had  dinner in the Crew mess, different food this time, unfortunately not any better though!

I was in 3 numbers tonight and they felt really good because I knew them and had learned them a couple days ago, so they were more in my head. Alvero (Singer) went on stage with his pants open accidentally, the whole audience burst into laughter!

I had a very delicious dinner of egg rolls and rice. Tonight was my first ‘White Party’. We had to wear all white, as did all of the passengers. It was in the disco and basically we just danced around for over an hour. It was an exhausting duty!

Our shower in the cabin is very small and strange. As of now, the seal around the bottom, to keep the water from going all over the floor, is broken. So the bathroom floods every time. Also there is an air vent, in the shower, which makes the plastic curtain sweep in and stick to me. Trying to rinse my hair and keep the shower curtain off me is the hardest part of the ship so far!  I did discover if I leave the curtain open a crack it doesn’t swoosh in and get me, but the toilet gets wet!

Friday, August 9th Flam, Noway

I bought some souvenirs today and some snacks! Norway, apparently,is the most expensive port. I also did laundry for the first time on board, it was free and I just popped everything in the washing machine, went back after 40 minutes and put it all in the dryer and went back after 40 minutes and it was done!  It wasn’t too bad!! And now I smell good!!

We had an Entertainment Team meeting but I didn’t understand any of it, obviously! Not in English!  Then we had the ‘Goodbye’ show, passengers leaving tomorrow.  We didn’t dance, we just walked around stage and through the audience with flags. In between shows, Norbi and I learned a new number. After the second show we had a cabin party in Sergi’s cabin. He had food, Yay!  I hadn’t eaten since noon.

Paprika chips are delicious especially when you’re ravenous!

Saturday, August 10th Bergen, Norway

I had to arise from slumber very early today, as my duty was Disembarkation at 715am. I ate breakfast in the Crew mess, with all the men, staring at me. I scarfed down my powdered eggs and processed sausage and went to work. I had to stand at the bottom of the stairs to say, “Adios,” to each person. I soon learned, “Hasta luego,” & “Aqui.”’(My spelling is terrible but you get the gist)

After I finished at 1045am, I went on land. It was another stunning day. I saw five 7-11’s in the city center. I ended up in McDonalds so I could get wifi.


See the play on my name!!  Norwegian MacDonald’s is terribly expensive. I don’t even want to tell you how much it cost me. As soon as I came back to the ship all I wanted to do was sleep…but no!

A man came to fix our very leaky shower. He was speaking to me about what basketball teams we have in Texas, so I told him the Dallas Mavericks. He said,

“DALLAS?? DALLAS BELONGS TO TEXAS??” Then he proceeded to ask me if I play basketball? I said,

“Just P.I.G and H.O.R.S.E!”

I took a very long, very refreshing nap. After that, I had rehearsals. Then we ran the show. We are only in 2 numbers in the Welcome Show.

Dinner was terrible, luckily there is some good, fresh fruit sometimes.  Pineapple, watermelon and oranges, but you have to get there early to snatch it up!

I learned the rest of the Salsa number so during the show I performed Celebration and Pit Bull.  Those are the only numbers the dancers are in anyway. So one show down! Four to go!

Alvero was teaching me Spanish backstage during the show. He also translated one of his own songs into English for me so I could understand what he was singing about.

The boat is very rocky right now, I saw some people leave the theatre looking very unwell.

I had a very terrible 2nd dinner, Fish Eggrolls and we watched Sherlock Holmes 2 in Spanish!  Guess where?

The Magician told me,

“Congratulations; you look so beautiful on stage. Your presence is stunning.”  He was very sweet!


Sunday, August 11th Flam, Norway 

Alvero and I were talking about dreams last night and I had said I hadn’t had one since being on the ship. Well I had one last night! I cannot remember exactly, but I know it was scary and I ended up cutting off someone’s foot and trying to throw it away somewhere in a Kroger bag.  I must have been thinking of this man at church who wore a Kroger bag on his broken foot to keep it dry, we used to call him….Kroger Bag!!

I had to be up for rehearsals at 11am this morning and we learned Michael Jackson’s ‘Jam.’  It is not in the show until Thursday, but it’s a difficult number so we started today.

I am very sick today. My throat is sore, my nose is stuffy and I have a bit of a cough. I am going to go to the doctor later.

We did a run of the show. Then I was issued my visa for Brazil.

I also went to the doctor. He was very rude but he gave me some medicine for my stuffy nose and throat.

I ate dinner before the two shows, and I ate dinner again afterwards before going to the….crew bar!  I chatted with the Environmental officer, he’s Italian and has only been on board a month.  I had an early night.

We have a new housekeeper for the next 2 weeks. So far so good. My bed was made and bathroom clean. It was very nice to come home to!  Do I have to tip her?

Manuella is INSANE! A good insane. She is super silly!! I love it!




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