Oregano; Pure Deliciousness…

Whenever I go outside to harvest, be it lettuce or arugula, flowers or tomatoes, mint or oregano, the cats wait for me on the porch mewing loudly, knowing that whatever I’m doing, it’s for them!

They pounce when I set foot inside the screen door and follow hard on my heels to the kitchen where they jump onto the table or counter to get closer to what I have in my hands.


This day it was Oregano, a huge amount, fragrant and captivating to the cats….I was set to make oregano pesto and was stripping the leaves off the stalks and throwing them into a bowl of water for rinsing.

I needed four pairs of hands to shoo the boys away because they were basking in the bed of sweet smelling   greens.


Finally I had to lock them on a porch and spent the next hour with Hubs transforming the more than 20 cups of packed down leaves into my favourite condiment, Pesto.

I used:

Almonds, walnuts or cashews,

Garlic, salt and pepper,

Olive oil,

Balsamic vinegar or lemon.

The borrowed food processor made short work of the mound of leaves and I soon had quite a selection of different flavoured deliciousness.


Plenty to share.

My friends asked,

“Do I just stir this into cooked pasta?”

To which I replied,

“I’ve never used it like that but yes, I suppose you would.”

“Well how do you use it?” they’d ask back.

“To smother salmon or cod then bake with a topping of cheese…”

As I said, pure deliciousness!

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And it was delicious!

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