Road Kill and Other Oddities…

Walking in the ancient woods in Beckenham is relatively safe if, as I discovered weeks later, I don’t pick up those wild chestnuts that line the lanes in Autumn.

The little needles that stuck into my hand left behind some poison that had me scratching for days even after I’d removed them.

Once in America I noticed a line of black pinpricks along my index finger and realized I hadn’t completely removed the splinters and they were flaring up again.  I took out another half dozen or so but there are still a few left under the skin that rise to the surface now and again.

Wild chestnuts aside, here in East Texas where I am staying at the moment, with hubs (of course) and his mother, I see road kill that reminds me I can’t strike out into the sandy paths beneath the pine trees without risking physical harm.  There’s no knowing what kind of venomous critter I’ll run into!

These two were feet apart and good and dead.



Don’t be deceived by the romantic shape this one has taken in passing.



As I continued walking I heard a motor overhead and looked up.  An unmarked dirigible was slowly floating across the cloudy sky.


On arriving home I happened upon these seasonally colourful fungi on the front garden,


God’s way of making up for our lack of pumpkins adorning the front porch.

Lovely aren’t they?



The fungi I mean!





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