The Oldest Town in Collin County…

Looking for property has us out on the road several times a week.

Waiting for estate agents to find the perfect place to build our barn home isn’t cutting it for us.

Land is expensive too!  There is no shortage of it, so much so we are in two minds whether or not to start knocking on farmers’ doors on the off chance they may sell us an acres or few.

We happened upon a place that is a well kept secret.

It’s name is Weston and is on the way to Oklahoma.

The land we looked at wasn’t very pretty,


full of cedar bushes and opposite a derelict house but it is on a hill so the views are outstanding and there are no worries about flooding.

We went into the little town hoping to find a cup of coffee but there was nothing open,


The status of Weston was very definitely summed up by the sign in this window,


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elray mac

2015-01-23 15:51:12 Reply

Yeah, but it is fun looking together with you.

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