Tites: An Obedient Dog…

Daughts and her husband went out of town last weekend and her phone message asked us to do ‘In-Home pet sitting,’

“You will be required to drive to our house and feed the pets.”

Cheeky monkey, it was just across the driveway!

They won’t let us have Titan in our house because of an expensive flea-tentative treatment they don’t want to jeopardize.

We skirted that issue by working outside in the beautiful weather and having Tites over to visit while I worked in the garden.

He came up onto the newly extended front patio to nose around for a bit then stood obediently at one of the screen doors to be let out looking around for anyone to open it for him so he could come over to me digging in the dirt just on the other side of the threshold.

“A door’s a door Mum,” Daughts said when I sent her a photo.


He sat and “stay”ed while Hubs trekked back and forth to the barn for one tool or another,


and wagged what tail he had when ElRay returned to where he was waiting expectantly.

I threw the ball for him between weedings until he wore himself out and decided to take a break.


Such a good boy.

He was no trouble at all.

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