Watching Ice Melt…

This morning I am looking out from my porch watching the trees bud…

My eyes fixed on their shadows thrown across my greening grass.

I sit quietly, my mind languidly drifting in and out of consciousness,

And find God in the ordinary.

My black cat, Magic, is also good at transfixing.

His favorite pastime is watching ice melt.

At the sound of the dispenser in the fridge door he comes running, his signature trilling heralding his approach.

Invariably several chunks of ice drop at his feet and he pounces.  He is captivated by the little blocks of slipperiness that can’t be picked up; that slither away when lightly batted; that mysteriously vanish in a puddle of water.

He watches spellbound, motionless.

Sometimes I’ll overfill my glass and turn to the sink to find him poised for the clack and clatter of ice hitting porcelain,


He checks to see if I have finished,


then, head dangling over the edge of the bar, he gives himself over to the task at paw…


A hush falls as we both contemplate the slow and silent melting of ice,

And I invite God into another ordinary moment of my day.

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