Wedding Countdown…The Day!

I’ve finally worked out how long forever is!

Six months!

That’s how long it’s been since The Proposal.

Forever is different from a long time ago because long ago’s seem to have flown past in retrospect but Forevers take a long time coming and Always Have Been!

Happily that’s as far as the analogy to God’s omniscience goes because we are blessed not to be in the Always Am’s and Always Will Be’s…as far as wedding planning for us that is.

My son and his wife are just embarking on their Always’.

May God bless them in His infinite mercy!

The few days leading up to the Big Event were cloudy, rainy, dull and cold.

Their day dawned bright and sunny with the temperature rising steadily to a pleasant 70.

I spent the morning with Peripoppins at the hairdresser.  There were seven, 4 week old, puppies to keep me company and I was able to sit and sit…

My mind fully emptied I headed home and prepared to leave the house an hour before show time.

I went for a walk before swishing blush on my cheeks, kohl around my eyes and colour on my lips to light up my face.

My outfit worked well, my hair was good and my feet thanked me for the couple of two minute breaks on cold marble floors I gave them during the spectacular party.

On arriving at the church my handsome gentleman and I were immediately called into the nave to have photos taken with groom and his men.

I was told by more than a few people that I looked like Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games!  Must’ve been the hat…and perhaps the hair and the Englishness!


The organist was in place with the soloist, the church had been incensed and the parish hall looked like a magical fairyland.  The only thing missing amongst the tulle, lights and silver bows was a pinata!

Members of our Spanish congregation offered to take the tulle and bows off our hands for future events, I was seeing Quinceaneras in their eyes!

We enjoyed our childhood priest’s personal insighs into our son’s personality, he’d known him since he was in utero so was totally qualified to speak the plain truth!!


We danced, we ate, we sampled small brewery beers, Hop Trap, Blood and Honey and Deep Ellum’s Blonde.

We visited, we re-acquainted with the young people of our children’s youth, we took silly pictures in a photo booth and signed a large piece of driftwood that only the McNenys would count as a guest book.

We sent off the happy couple with sparklers but somehow they were there for strike!

Sleep came fast and the morning surprised us with just another day!

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