Late Summer…

It’s getting dark earlier.  We seem to have gone from sitting outside savouring the last sunbeams at 10pm to closing out curtains reluctantly at 755pm.

And it will get earlier and earlier, because here the darkness trespasses on the light at the rate of about five minutes a day!

I found my first conker as I walked this afternoon and the leaves were thick underfoot, not so much from an autumnal shedding as from the residue of high winds all summer giving the allusion that Fall had arrived.

I love this time of year because now that the cold has once again hit and the rain is persistent I am able to really enjoy the season without placing too high an expectation on sunny days.

At this time of year, when we get a clear spell it is welcomed with a graciousness that gets lost when the summer heatwave goes on for too long.

Warm balmy days are enjoyed and appreciated, late picnics are taken and the last roses admired.

Last night I found these button mushrooms in the lawn, don’t they look perfect?


The path I trod today was muddy and slippery,


I heard a child exclaim,

“Let’s slide in the mud!”  and I imagined my feet going from under me and walking home with the evidence smeared on the seat of my pants.

Dogs greeted me as I walked towards them.  Two jumped their wet paws up at me much to their owner’s disgust.  I told her,

“The dogs usually ignore me when I walk, yours have made my day!”

She grunted and moved on!  Her Beddington terrier stayed for an extra tickle.

A  beagle pup flung herself at my feet and began to wrestle the tassles on my boots, she was too excited to be making a new friend to heed her owner’s cries!  She apologised and we laughed and carried on.

I returned home covered in mud anyway!

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