Late Dinner…

Daughts has worked in a coffee shop where only Master Baristas are employed.

She is an aspiring master brewer.


The store is on St. Martin’s Lane in Covent Garden and shares the pavement with a couple of theatres and some celebrities.

The coffee making process is slightly different when it comes to espressos, a Simoneli machine is used which is apparently far superior to whatever is used elsewhere.

In addition to that there is a Clover Brewing System dispensing specially filtered coffee that will have connoisseurs returning for more.

Daughts enjoys this job of hers, especially the fact that she no longer has to compete with the early birds for  worms.  However, her later shift has her staying until the store closes.  Since we are extraordinary parents we stay up until our front door closes behind her.

We welcome her with a hot meal and a smile.  This is what gets her up the hill from the station at


By that time of night the trains are running every half hour so when she misses one she has to wait 30 minutes for the other.  She has given up rushing, for it is gutting to miss a train by a nano second and watch it slowly and triumphantly pull out of Victoria Station without her.

What’s the point of a timetable if it’s not adhered to?

In addition to a meal and a smile Daughts also likes company when she eats,


In my bedroom!

These late nights and early mornings for me are exhausting!

I love her days off!



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