What Was She Doing in Vegas?…

Yes, I Facebooked something about my youngest being in Vegas.

I think it was in response to a friend’s post.

The only reason I was on was because I am finding email is not the hipster way to communicate anymore and the lag time is too long if I want an answer now!

Telephone?  Oh yes there’s that but who answers their cells these days either?  None of my children!

The person who’s post I had airily commented on replied immediately,

“What was she doing in Vegas?”

Unwittingly my response,

“Being twenty-one a beautiful person and working at a convention!”

appeared on my friend’s wall for all to see, go figure…I’m just using the jargon I have no idea how this really works.

So now everyone who saw my post knows my youngest was in Sin City!

Honestly, what images come to mind when you hear the words, Las Vegas?

Gambling, drinking, fine dining and dancing… oh yes, and shows and brilliant hotels.

It’s not known as The Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing.

But do you really want the world to know that your young, lovely daughter, freshly turned twenty-one, is working there?

When telling friends and family, face to face not face to book, that she was off to work in Vegas for a week I encountered raised eyebrows, but I was ready!

“I know!  It sounds awful doesn’t it?  She’s going with a friend who works for a high tech company.  They wanted two pretty girls to man their booth at a convention in Vegas and daughts was invited.”  Eyebrows lowered a bit but even so…eye candy?  I continued,

“They will be with the company president and ten VP’s,” frowns.

“All expenses paid and a fee to boot!”  Paid for their pretty faces.  Nope, it definitely doesn’t sound good no matter how it’s told!  You just have to know daughts yourself!

On reflection perhaps it would be easier to answer,

“What was she doing in Vegas?”  with another question,

“What wasn’t she doing in Vegas?”

Check in tomorrow!


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