My Winter Days…

When I return from walking in the afternoons I start to peel off the layers.  The flat stays warm although we have had no heat on from 10am-5pm.


It is south facing so even on the grimmest days I am sure we benefit from some of the sun’s heat that forces its way through the cloud cover during the day.

From my office window, when Malia is at her other home, I watch robins playing in the berry bushes and balancing on the vine that climbs the wall opposite.  They dart quickly and catch my eye distracting me for a moment to look at this view of snow balanced precariously on branches.


This is where I gaze, softening my vision, while practicing my early morning yoga.

The sun, on a partly cloudy day, pops up behind the trees in response to my salutations.

At last the daffodils are out.  Not in our gardens yet, still only tempting green shoots nudging their way through the soil and attracting squirrels and probably foxes.  The trumpeting blooms are on every flower stall though and throughout the city cries of,

“Three bunches of daffs, ownley a powd, get yer three bunches, fer ownley a pownd!” can be heard up and down the high streets.

I bring my favourite flowers home and watch them glow when the sun catches their translucent yellow petals. They sit on my desk and brighten the gloomiest of days.


In the bedroom I barely glance at the chair in the corner until I notice something untoward lying on the bed; not a cat, no pets allowed remember?  And not hubs he had opened the door for me.  A pair of black long johns, stark against the white of our 25 tog. goose-down comforter.

The furniture dyslexia part of me did not immediately register the chair, where his thermals usually sit, as being upside down!


In fact, to my eyes, it looked perfectly all right.  My world at best is inverted I’ve found.

It turns out hubs has his carpenter hat on today while I have my woolly one on.  He is repairing this old French chair we bought from our friend upstairs.

At dinner Malia had sat down and it had wobbled and creaked and eventually collapsed from under her…a featherlight dancer!

It was taking a load off its legs while drying in the corner.

So go my winter days.




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