Marking Off The Days…

I have always had a calendar, I enjoy being able to look up at my wall and see the month laid out neatly.

In my mind I view my weeks as linear, flanked at both ends by large chunks of weekend.

For me the weekend starts after my Radio Show ends, so there is a chunk looming out of the weekday named Friday and merging with Saturday and Sunday.

A lovely long break…

Once my weekends were variable so I had chunks that lasted for four days, often mid-week, casting shadows onto the long work days on either side.

To keep my sanity my wall calendar also reminds me of important dates, birthdays that are carried over from year to year, dentist appointments, dinners, meetings and bill paying.

When an English calendar graces my wall, the week starts on a Monday, cleverly and accurately (in my British book), keeping the weekend days together.


I like that two day break marking the end of the week, a breath, a period, a very large, full stop.

My American calendar starts the week on a Sunday which, according to creation, is the seventh day when God rested.  Perhaps God rests on Saturdays in America?

Or maybe there is no rest day in America anymore?!

Saturday is left behind to wrap up the week alone and…

Sunday puts on a brave face adjacent to Monday when it would far sooner be pushing the edge to infinity on the line above!

I bought a Mr. Bean Calendar for my son this year.


He hung it in his kitchen.

He and his sibling, Daughts, live together and over the weeks Marking Off the Days became an exercise in creative expression.


Please note, although Mr. Bean is a very English character, the calendar was purchased in America and thus formatted for the American market with Sunday beginning the week.


As you can see the creative expression is becoming competitive in its ingenuity.

I wonder how they decide which is their day to Mark Off…

Or is it a race each evening?

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