A Host of Golden Daffodils…

Trader Joe’s have daffodils.


Trader Joe’s Daffs

I always forget this unless I’m there just at the right time, which I was last week.

There they were $1 something a bunch, most of them tightly closed.

Promising a halo of yellow to adorn my kitchen table.

I bought four bunches and gave Daughts the one I’d selected that had started opening… just a little.

Some of the bunches I’ve bought from a London market stall, tightly closed as if wrapped in brown paper, have disappointed.

I now err on the side of caution when giving potential blooms away.

I placed my green sticks, hinting at golden-ness, in a couple of vases and thought how silly they looked, all falling over to one side, pretending to be too lanky for the wide mouthed container I’d found.

My cats can’t be trusted with naked stems tantalizing them with their bite sized buds so I placed them out on my screened in patio and monitored them with a water spray bottle close at hand.

“Mine have all opened, ” Daughts told me the following day.

Mine were still encased in their bud sac but I could see hints of yellow peeking through,

“Mine haven’t yet,” I replied, “but they will!”

I’d commented earlier to Hubs,

“Remember in London we’d place the daffs in one of my Mum’s blue vases and when they bloomed they’d glow, casting a bright light onto the coffee table when the sun, shining through the picture windows, caught them at just the right angle?”

He nodded.

I watched them through the bright yellow patio doors as they sat quietly adjusting to vase-life.

The cats resisted temptation, either that or they’ve finally realized what a dousing of fine mist means.

I put my worries to rest when they bloomed almost before my eyes!

Instantaneously there they are stunning, glowing, no longer looking clumsy in their vases!


A host of golden daffodils

A springtime gift to go with the warmer weather and longer evenings.

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