Awkward Moment…

Here is the cover of a date book on one of the teacher’s desks where I sub.


I’ve been in plenty of situations like this over the years…

When I worked it was office meetings or phone calls or dinner with a friend, back to back all day and evening, present and accounted for in my trusty day-to-day.

I would get worried when I found myself idly munching on an apple looking out at the high rise buildings with …

nothing else to do!

As a homeschooling Mum my main concern was that I’d schedule a child to be on stage performing in two theatres on the same evening…

Luckily the four other people who’s schedule I had to keep up with were very good at keeping up with their own schedules

and would spot a double booking before it became a major faux-pas!

Now that my schedule isn’t quite so crammed with things that can’t be skipped,

but crammed, none-the-less, with things I don’t want to miss out on…

…I find myself with a rare hour or so where I can sit on a couch and read.

“How come I never get to do this these days?” I find myself asking the pretty little clock on my mantel.

Or lose myself in my flowerbeds,

forgetting I’d put the kettle on for a mid afternoon cuppa with Hubs,

“I thought you were making us tea?” He’ll say finding me among the Salvia.

Of course, I don’t actually put these things to fill my unscheduled hours on my calendar and I’m still fairly good at keeping critical appointments with the invaluable help of courtesy texts…

…but there still comes that awkward moment when I think…


…surely I must’ve forgotten something?

I can’t possibly have time to just slow down and write a bit,

or arrange some flowers,

or simply be…

can I…?!


sometimes I do!


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