Be-Jewelled Trees….

I knew after my walk yesterday…

A walk in sub-zero temperatures with a steady mist falling causing my coat zipper to form a layer of ice, which ran into a puddle at my feet the minute I walked into my warm kitchen…

I knew when icicles formed on the leash I had slung around my neck to keep Charlie safe crossing the roads and my fingers wouldn’t warm up despite my woolen gloves…

I knew when the temperatures during the night fell close to the teens while I was snugly wrapped up in my electric blanketed bed…

That all the moisture in the air could only mean…

There would be ice in the morning.

And I was right.


I awoke to a winter wonderland of trees, dipped in silver sequins, shimmering in the dawn sunlight,

dazzling against a crystal blue sky, carelessly brushed with whispers of cloud.


Trying to capture this be-jewelled landscape on an iPhone can only tell half the story…

The full story, of stark beauty effortlessly displayed on my property, gracefully side-steps my hand held device.


With the sun climbing rapidly and the temperature creeping above freezing I tried to do some justice to the glittering handiwork,


wrought by nature under the guidance of her Master Artist.


You had to have been there to fully appreciate the sheer glory of the morning,

and the savage beauty that can play out in the ever changing landscape of my Texas home.


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2018-02-12 17:05:11 Reply

Brrrrrrrrr! Pretty but Brrrrrrrr!

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