Bethnal Green…

Another long Sunday stretched before us.

This time we decided to stay above ground, but it was hazardous in its own way.

Bethnal Green is in the East End where gangs and other miscreants lurk.

We went to visit an eclectic market and ended up walking along doubtful side streets with amusing



and confusing street signs,


towering council flats,


with a few shops,


where we asked the way.

Broadway market mostly harbours food under the striped awnings.


We circled the stalls


and settled on Greek for lunch which we ate on our laps in a park called London Fields,


and succeeded in keeping the olive oil from our clothes! Mmmm…

As we were leaving the area this house caught my eye,


standing alone at the end of a road where the houses were more expensive than Beckenham despite the sketchy windows,


a mere stone’s throw away.

It’s the home of Cockney Rhyming Slang

Where you hang up your dog and bone,

Walk on plates of meat, climb the apples and pears to get away from the trouble and strife.

Take a butchers for yourself and see if you can Adam and Eve it!

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