Falling for Your Madness…A Book Review


10 Minute Writer Katharine Grubb was a guest on my show a couple of weeks ago and she sent me her book to read.

I asked for it because I like to know what makes my guests tick!

Chivalry and all things British do the trick for Katharine so between her husband and me we have her covered!

Falling for Your Madness-a story of love, chivalry and the power of words

Is a romance!

Oh yes it is!

Katharine said she wanted to create a male character that no woman could say “No” to.

And that’s not ‘No” to that question (we Mums want our girls to say ‘No’ to that one, right? ) it’s not wanting to say ‘No” to all things gallant.

The story begins with rules…right up my street and very British!

Dr. David Bowles, a professor of literature and lover of Tennyson, explains his quest to someday attain a bride, to Laura Adamsky, the heroine of the story.

“I would like to propose that we become friends…” he says, “…we will only meet three times a week…at tea on Monday, at lunch on Wednesday, and at dinner on Friday.”

He continues,

“If you think that you would like to…be my sweetheart, you get to say so…you are always in control. If you are my sweetheart, then we spend more time together on Saturdays and Sundays, and I will request the delight of kissing you on a very specific spot on the lower hemisphere of your lovely face.”

And so the story of this mad but lovely courtship unfolds.

There are ups and downs, as in all relationships,

An almost mugging,

A duel,

An arrest

And magic!

Read Katharine Grubb’s book to your girls and boys and savor the Author’s Note which assures you it was written from the heart for all of us old fashioned folk out here!

You won’t settle for less once you’ve met this Knight in Shining Armour, he will absolutely bowl you over!

Falling for Your Madness-a story of love, chivalry and the power of words.

Read it this summer!


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Katharine Grubb

2014-06-05 14:15:52 Reply

Thank you Vivienne! I’m so glad you liked the book!


    2014-06-05 14:21:12 Reply

    Oh I did!!

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