Free Eggs…

Two Target coupons landed in our mailbox this week.  One was for me, one for Daughts.

They were for Free eggs.


There was no purchase necessary as far as I could tell.

I added my coupon to Daughts’ stack of mail saying to Hubs,

“I don’t need no stinkin’ free eggs, I’ve got three or so dozen that were brought to me on my birthday as hostess gifts.”


It appears the local hens are on a laying spree at the moment and our neighbors have more eggs than they know what to do with!

Then I grinned to myself,

“However, like the free Science Diet from PetCo. that I passed up because ‘my cats don’t eat that expensive brand‘ …you can’t get cheaper than free!” I hastily retrieved the coupon and put it in my car!

I’m not falling for that trick again!

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