Lane Construction…

As you may or may not know, Texas has seen diluvial rain this month in answer to our prayers to end the drought.

God in His power has sent torrential weather that is as treacherous as it is powerful and flash flood warnings are becoming commonplace as the lakes and rivers break their banks and the land lies sodden with water.


I have shown pictures of the lane we live on with its ruts and potholes turning the short drive into an obstacle course as we twist and turn our way home.


The surface was hazardous for the first couple of weeks and our mail lady was threatening not to deliver if we, the inhabitants, didn’t so something about it…soon.

The official letter from the U.S. Post Office declared that if the condition continued the city would insist we put up mail boxes on the county maintained FM 543 running adjacent to our no-outlet, private road.


When we landed here we were told the residents, us included, were planning on having it re-surfaced when the rains stopped,

“When pigs fly,” I thought casting my gaze heavenward at the thunderous clouds and consulting my iPhone that showed storms for the next 10 days.

To our surprise the heavy trucks started moving in sooner than we expected and grading began.


The first layer of recycled, crushed cement was laid and it pelted, poured, and cascaded cats and dogs.

Although the potholes did not return the road became slick with mud.

Trenches were dug on either side of the lane to act as drains and divert the run off.  More crushed cement was strewn and while the trucks were given a break for a week we packed down the road surface smoothing is out each time we drove to or from town.

During this time we, the McNeny’s, were advised that a culvert across our driveway would prevent water from gathering into a pond along the perimeter of our land.

I’ve never had my own private culvert (although they abound in the area) and I began to notice the silent presence of two already along my driveway working well to guide the steady flow of water  straight to the creek that forms our property line on two sides.

We fished out more money from our ever lightening pockets and bought an aluminium conduit.


A front end loader dug a channel for us and buried the drain thus completely clearing the gravel that had protected the entrance to our property from becoming a mud pie and snagging unsuspecting wheels, holding them fast.

With the writing of a cheque and delivery of some yards of gravel the hazard was quickly diverted.

For now our lane and driveway stay clear and passable despite the continuing downpours.


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