Loving Daughts…

One of my friends this week said,

“When’s Malia due?”

“Next Monday, ” I said.

“Are you just,’ ho-hum, been there done that’…?”

“Oh gosh no!  There isn’t anything that comes even close to having your daughter pregnant.”

My truth!

Watching her blossom,


puts a smile on my face and takes me back 30 some odd years to my first pregnancy.

I just kept growing and growing.

Every-time I passed the bathroom mirror my profile startled me!

No more holding in my stomach pretending nothing was happening…

I was definitely pregnant…as Daughts is!


My mother never knew the joy of watching me grow and glow…I was too far away and technology wasn’t what it is today.

I am blessed to be able to share in their expectation every day.


Daughts and I have a special bond.

For the last few months,

I’ve taken pickles to work with me…

Enjoyed hot lemon water to ease an upset tummy…

Been aware of extra aches and pains in my back…

Noticed stomach cramping only to find that Daughts is experiencing Braxton Hicks…

I’m all nesty at home,


Dusting blinds and re-arranging furniture…

Putting the baby seat base in our car…

Preparing a Moses basket for those sleepy visits with Mama Viv…

Stashing a high chair in the pantry.

I become short of breath…

Feel the urgency to pee…all the time (maybe that’s age!)

and harbour an impatience to meet Baby O.

I love her so much already…


I’ll just be glad when she finally moves out and I can stop having the cravings and sympathy pangs.

It’s about time to snuggle with that sweet little bundle.

Shadow says it all when Daughts visits,


“Aren’t we cute, two lumps cuddling on a chair?”

Yes!  There isn’t anything that even comes close to having your daughter pregnant.

I love her that much!

Any day now!

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