Miniature Horses…

In December we had some more visiting animals.

This time a small herd of miniature horse.

Oh my gosh, how adorable!

They weren’t interested in carrots, although I did offer, and they stayed pretty close to each other, herd mentality especially useful when you’re short on stature!

After consulting with our immediate neighbours we found who they belonged to.

A mother and her daughter about a mile or two away by car, but only a skip and a trot through a couple of pastures and a hop across a fence if you’re a roaming horse with a fancy for adventure!

Four mini’s to coo over while their owners made there way over to collect them.

Too soon their responsible adults showed up in their truck, no trailer, just a bucket of food;

they’ve done this before!

“How are you going to get them back?”  I asked.

“They’ll follow the food bucket dangling out of our window,” the young girl said.

“It’s a long way,” I said, “and on a main road.”

“Oh, we’ll just cut across the upper fields at the top of Rigsby,” she said, “the way they came.”

She whistled to them and they came slowly, single file, taking their time; meandering!

I watched them trot off at their own speed, dragging behind the truck as it slowly moved off down our drive, nudging one another for the feed.

Making their way home without a backward glance!

Country living!  You’ve got to love it!

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