Tucker & Tites…

Daughts and her Hubs have an adorable dog called Titan.

He’s a miniature schnauzer and very obedient.

In fact he’s the best dog in the world.

He now has a buddy who is a year old and if Tites is a miniature schnauzer, Tucker is a Toy.

They were allowed to come over to our house for a couple of days while their parents went and played, and the first thing my  grey-cat-who-thinks-he’s-a-dog did was to commandeer the dog bed.

Tucker was all right with that, he’s used to sharing with cats.

Meal times were amazing.

Tites would wolf down all his ‘old man’ food.  Even with a puzzle bowl he was finished in a few short minutes.

Not Tucker, standing beside his old friend he daintily ate just a little of his food.

After a slurp of water he’d go off on the look-out for a cat to chase,

take a nap when he was winded,

then casually wander back to his untouched food bowl to nibble at a few more morsels.

No puzzle bowl for this mindful eater.

He finally finished it around mid-afternoon.

Tites wouldn’t dream of wolfing down the remains…no matter how long they sat there untouched.

Rules are rules and he is such a good boy!

However, the cats don’t know about rules; they sniffed the bowl and sampled a pellet or two each time they passed.

I don’t think Tucker went hungry though!  He had three cat bowls to graze.

The first morning I took Tites on my dawn walk with me,

“I don’t think Tucker can walk that far,” said Daughts.

I left the little boy at the back door.

It was like old times, walking with Titan, who enjoyed re-visiting all the familiar smells along the lane.


When I returned Tucker was all over him, sniffing his mouth, his ears, his eyes.

“He howled and whined for the whole hour you were gone…” moaned Hubs when I joined him on the front porch for prayers.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think of that!”

As soon as Titan lay down to recover from his 4 mile walk,

Tucker decided he was not going to be left behind again and clambered on his beloved doggie-dad’s back.


Inseparable I’d say.

Such charming characters the two of them!

Welcome anytime!

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