Moths and Baby Grasshoppers….

No screens on our windows means we get a sampling of insect life in our flat….

House flies which are large and make a lot of noise until we finally get them to depart.

Daddy Longlegs which Daughts hates, they bite and live in the high corners of her room.

Bumble bees which mind their own business all day from dawn until dusk pollinating the roses and lavender outside my lounge window.


Occasionally one will accidentally find its way onto the windowsill but they are easy enough to detour to safety.

A moth which stayed for a couple of days.  Moths are my all time favourite because when I was growing up in Germany  they used to gather and die behind our apartment building front door.  I would pick them up and carry them to my bedroom where I would examine their furry little faces.  The one I found here in the flat was too small to examine but I caught it on the wall in our lounge,


Blurry but lovely.

A baby grasshopper posed on my bed sheet one night,

BabyGrasshopperI tried to catch it to put it outside but I forgot about its leaping prowess and it disappeared into or under the bed somewhere.  I thought nothing more of it.

Later that night when hubs came to bed he was quietly reading when all of a sudden he flinched and swatted his bedclothes.

Fare ye well baby grasshopper!

I should have warned him he may have a jumpy bedmate!

A few days later I noticed this one on our vegetable basket,


if they grow that fast no wonder gardeners don’t like them!

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