Nest in my Tennie…

Without fail every year a little wren comes into my garage and builds herself a nest.

She usually chooses a rubber Wellie, because they already have strong walls; all she has to do is fill it with sticks and leaves and grasses, fashion it a bit and lay an egg or two.

This year I went to put my tennies on for a walk and noticed what looked like hay and dried up  leaves on top of them.  Thinking the wind had hustled in some grass cuttings I began to brush them off then remembered seeing a bird flit across my peripheral vision some hours ago when I was emptying the vacuum cleaner…I realized my little bird must be back to make her nest.

I went inside and found another pair of walking shoes and left her to it!


Her nest rapidly took shape and I laid contributions from the cat brushes on the shelf, to me the fur was lovely and soft and would make the perfect bed for her babies… for her perhaps they were alarming-

Cat fur for my chicks?  No way!-

Surprise though, I found signs that she had taken my interior design suggestion,

even if it was on the roof!


I’ve not seen any movement for a while now and I’m afraid she’s abandoned her home…

egg and all.

Maybe the cats at the new screened back door…


preying safely but still a hazard, frightened her off.

Mother nature, beautiful and precarious.

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