Oh, Oh the Kittens Have Found Me!..

It’s finally happened, my two little barn kittens have sussed where I live.

They courageously took their first steps across the driveway and into the copse adjacent to our house,


Magic under the fir trees

where I caught Magic lying casually in the scattering of pine needles as if this was a normal occurrence.

From there they watched me come out of my kitchen door into my car port…

After tending to my flower garden I found them stretched out underneath my truck and scooped them up to take them, purring, back up the hill to their home safely behind the barn doors.

Then I found Magic in one of the cedars closer to my front patio,


Magic, hanging out

and from there they casually wandered along the pathway to where I was sitting enjoying a cider with Hubs,


Shadow & Magic venturing forth

Totally busted!

We finished our drinks with them sprawled in our laps,

“These little ones would be fun to have in the house…” Hubs said.


Snuggly Shadow

I smiled.

We went inside leaving them them to make their own way back up to the barn.


They may be very cuddly…

But they are also paid staff with jobs to do!

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2016-07-25 13:40:41 Reply

cute cats for an important job.

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