Please and Thank-You…

I was talking on the telephone to a friend in England about our wellbeing and describing Daughts’ move into the barn on our property.

“What a marvelous idea to have family so close…” she observed.

“Yes,” I agreed, “it is.”

“I always think one can impose on family in a way one can’t on friends…”


“Well,” I say with a laugh, “she definitely does that.  She uses us as a convenience store!”

“And so she should!”

“She texts me and asks,

‘Do you have any enchilada sauce?’

“I text back that I do and wait for her knock.  She calls us McKroger…and sometimes we deliver!”

“How wonderful for you both,” says my friend wistfully.

“Other times she’ll pop over to collect mail and drop into the pantry for a snack, then browse the fridge taking a couple of tortillas here and the rest of the cream there before closing the door and declaring, ‘I’ve done shopping.’”

“That is so sensible…no worries about anything going to waste!”

My friend on the other end of the phone lived next door to us in London for decades and never bothered us, not even for a cup of sugar or a single egg!

I’m glad I’ve raised a generation of imposers…my weekly shopping list reflects that…I still buy enough for six!


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2016-02-25 16:48:17 Reply

All so very true!


2016-03-01 05:15:40 Reply

I just love your blog! What a cute story of Malia! Ben and Shannon stayed here from 11:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. the next day. I wish they were able to bop in and out! Shannon is such a dear, and so much fun! I’d welcome her in my fridge or pantry anytime! You are blessed to have that sweet dimpled blondie still around. I think I’ll always be a little jealous–as I’m sure you can tell! See you Wednesday.


    2016-03-02 20:28:05 Reply

    Glad you enjoy my blog! I take what I can get, it won’t last forever…

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