The Invisible Power of Prayer…

Each morning when I write my journal I address it to God.

It’s a stream of consciousness effort, limited to one page of my ruled exercise book and always ends with the same set of words, a mantra of sorts:

“I love you above all things, keep me always safe and close to you.  Thank you for saving me: bless all those I know and keep them in your loving arms.  Amen.”

Today a friend of mine told his story of Aids in a post.  How over the past 25 years he’d gone from strength to strength with his amazing doctor and the clinical trials he was involved in.  He ended by telling about his recent brush with Covid, how, apart from a fever for a couple of days and extreme sluggishness, he’d managed to beat it without hospitalisation despite his underlying health risks.


No-one knew.

There was no call for prayer or positive thoughts, he trusted and waited in the presence of God.

And I thought, prayers were answered.

There are lots of us who pray daily – not always specifically –

for the people we know or have known.

Slowly a realisation dawned on me that these people I pray for collectively are touched – in unobserved and hidden ways – by these prayers of mine.


Touched during their daily lives and work.

And I too am touched by prayers others may be offering in the same way.

I may not always know when my prayer, to keep them in your loving care, is answered,

but, as my friend’s post made crystal clear to me, each prayer doesn’t need to be answered with a clap of thunder or a flash of lightening.

Most answerings will go unnoticed.

Each time

you manage to make it through a difficult day,

your anxiety lifts,

or a sudden wave of relief washes over you.


The prick of tears disarms you,

you feel the welcome spring in your footsteps,

or joy, like the brush of a horse’s breath on your cheek.   

A burst of unbidden laughter breaks free,

the welcome news finally comes,

the quiet death happens…

or peace enfolds you.

Someone, somewhere

has been praying for you…

is praying for you…

and will continue praying for you…

Be amazed that you have been touched by God.


My friend’s post reminded me of the mystery of prayer,

How it can hit the mark without my knowing.

The invisible power of prayer is always there if you look where the ordinary dwells

and as you unravel the ups and downs of your life perhaps you’ll feel His loving arms around you.

Thanks for reminding me of that Bill.



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2021-01-13 16:16:13 Reply

Very nice and touching. Thank you!


2021-01-14 03:22:06 Reply

Your blog always seems to arrive at just the right moment for me. Thank you.


    2021-01-14 16:41:29 Reply

    Thank you Bill. Your words also spoke to me…as you read. Blessings on you from me, always.

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