This Exhilarating State of Being…

Slowly God is returning my time to me and I’m faithfully loosening my grip.

Subbing at school is dwindling and there are whole months when I feel as though I’m getting lost in the shuffle,

the stable where I happily groomed up to 10 horses several times a week has closed the boarding portion and I am down to 4 horses twice a week,

and earlier this year the owners of the winery told me they were selling their business and moving, all-of-a-mile, up to Rigsby Lane to retire.

Now, for the boomer in me, ‘retire’ is just another way of saying:

I don’t have to work 40 hour weeks anymore,

or run after children 24/7.

I can say ‘no’ without guilt or explanation,

and make choices with no strings attached.

I can say,

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ to anything that catches my fancy!

I may be stepping outside the box,

and winding down on the ‘must do’s’, amping up on the ‘want to’s’,

my calendar may be splattered with grand-daughters jiggling themselves into the spaces between the lines,

I may be poised to explore the world or trot across the pasture,

but I’ll always start with looking towards the horizon and asking God what His plans are for the day,

then take His outstretched hand and,

breath by wondrous breath,

enjoy this exhilarating State of Being.


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