Computer Eyed Eyewear…

I was sent a pair of Computer Eyed Eyewear to test and review.

I had printed the reading chart, found on their website, to the exact proportions and tested my vision, without my glasses as instructed, in order to determine the strength I would need.

They arrived, a lovely, stylish pair of red readers with tasteful bling on the sides tucked inside a flashy, colour-co-ordinated case.


There are half moon bi-focals at the lower edge of the lenses, these are the readers.

I put them on and sat at my computer and could see nothing…well, I could see the box I was supposed to be writing this review in but not the words I was typing.  On leaning closer, 12 inches from my screen, the text came into focus.

Now to test the half moon bi-focals.  I had to get really close, 8 inches, to be able to read what was written in my book alongside me on my desk.  When I sat up in the position I usually worked at the text came into view through the top part of the lenses.

I removed the Computer Eyed Eyewear and found I could see my screen and the book on my desk clearly without the eyewear.

The instructions stated that I read the test chart from a distance of 14 inches, I noticed that the distance from my eyes to the book on my desk was 24 inches…perhaps I am taller than the norm, or my chair is adjusted higher?

Unfortunately this product was of no benefit to me.  Since I need glasses anyway my corrective prescription is written  for computer work, reading and distance.

I feel I was at a disadvantage ordering this product online.  Had I been able to try them on in person and test them at a computer I probably would have had a more satisfactory experience.

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