Early Morning & Evening Sightings…

I have seen live and dead critters on my morning and evening walks and my loaner dogs let off shrieks of excitement as they chase them, the live ones, to the end of their leashes sometimes managing to sneak under fences if I’m not watching.

I may have better luck than them in catching what I see with my iPhone,

But I am no photographer so the images are only shadows of what I see through my sleepy morning or sun be-dazzled  eyes!

Poor opossum’s dead, no more knocking for him.


Two lovely little horses, or maybe ponies, were very much alive and interested in what was at the other end of the leads; a fence and my strong arm kept them at a safe distance from each other.


This hawk would not come in for a shot so here he is against the brilliantly blue evening sky.  What you don’t see is the tasty morsel in his talons.


Now who is Dad again?  A precious calf, still wobbly on his legs, managed to say cheese, keep up with Mum, and chew.


The dragonflies flit in swarms above my head so no eye contact while on the wing.  Every once in a while though one will land and pose for me.


This grasshopper can hold her own, isn’t she beautiful?  I don’t really know her gender just taking a 50/50 stab at it.



And both the dogs sniffed this frog as they walked passed, it hopped once then froze for me to do my stuff… looking up at me with those adorable eyes, willing itself invisible…


Here’s the sign alerting us residents that there are Esio Trots in the vicinity and to be careful,


and low and behold, this afternoon on our bike ride, hubs found Mr. (or is it Mrs?) Gopher himself,


and wondered how old he was?  They are a Threatened species, so no taking one home for a gentle pet.

And rounding out my photo shoot of dead or alive critters,

Snaketo quote my Texan,

“The only good snake is a dead one!”

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