Early Spring…

The weather is playing up again.

I watch what’s happening in England and for the last few days the temperature in London has been a lot warmer than here.

However, I do enjoy the winter weather and its changeability.

In England we are programmed to put on our long johns and vests, extra woolies and heavy coats with hats, gloves and scarves and good furry boots for our feet, sometime in October and to remain so clad until April or May be out!  The tree or the month just watch for the hawthorn flowers or the sky.

I tend to expect cool weather in the winter months and love walking in the brisk temperatures of near freezing.  Texans do not!

And at the first hint of a mild day the blossom starts to open on the trees as if it has been waiting in the wings for a cue to bud!

Look what I found last week!


Although it’s early February, Spring is on its way!

The forecast ice may freeze the impatient buds but these yellow blooms are here to stay!



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